Save your time and Resources, Get Your Car From Our Auto Service Managers!

 New Energy Invest  is a special service for companies and individuals. The full advantage of the service is the human and technical resources that we offer our customers to spend full time and resources on the full range of auto repair services. The qualified car dealers at the company will take care of your car problem in the shortest possible time and most importantly in the process of delivering quality work.

NEW ENERGY INVEST will take care of the performance of your vehicles – Service managers who provide you with accurate and complete information on the problem of the car and all the details needed to repair it. Such problems can include engine, driveway repair, full oil painting, painting, gearbox repair, electrical diagnostics, oil change, vehicle inspection and training for technical inspection, full tire service, washing and dry cleaning and many other possible problems It may take an auto ils. The service manager picks up the car, determines the cause of the malfunction, then estimates how much it will cost to repair the car and agree on all the details. With your consent, it will monitor the complete process of repairing your car and repair your already repaired car within the set timeframe.

You can enjoy special corporate terms and promotions at New Auto Motors Car Service Center. Those wishing to receive the services listed above at NEW ENERGY INVEST : Khosharauli # 30, NEW AUTO MOTORS area or call: 577 22 44 55