Auto Market Leader Company

One of the auto parts stores presented by New Auto Motors Company is LIDER AUTO PARTS, where you will find highly qualified service personnel and reasonable prices.. In the store you can find and buy almost every car brand. The following products are included in the range:

  • Batteries Oils Rasch, ENGLAND,
  • Manoll,revtol ,
  • Brake Systems , Lamps ,
  • Headlights ,Spark Plugs ,
  • Filters , Suspensions , 
  • Engine Parts , Tires , 
  • Wheels , Glass Cleaners and more.

Here are the products of such famous brands as: Besa, topran, ASMETAL, BRAUZ, LEMFORDER, FENVA, ESEE, WXQP.

Those interested in buying LIDER AUTO PARTS products and services listed above are welcome to: # 30 Khosharauli,  NEW AUTO MOTORS Auto Service Center, Shop # 4 or Call us at:  555 14 00 06, 555 46 66 08.

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